Liberty Science Center (LSC) was looking to reinvent their branding and entire look and feel of their advertising, design, marketing and sales materials. They had previously had 4-5 varying agencies and in house-groups working on these items.

Additionally, they were interested in new revenue generation idea and innovative thinking.

EverBrand was asked to bid on the work and was awarded all of the work, thus eliminating 4-5 agencies to keep it all within my oversight and creative direction.

This was a two year assignment, and covered all aspects of sales, marketing, brand and design.

At a time when most science centers and museums were seeing economic impact on their bottom line of a 20-40% downturn events, foot traffic and box office sales, LSC was able to hold its own with a varying rate of 6% down and then 12% after most of the work was completed.

Jersey City, NJ